Thoughts On The Social Impulse

The Social Impulse by Omar Kholeif resonated with me in its message about the ways art can be used to response to political regime. In one of the early statements, the writer asserts that he would like to discuss how “technology’s socializing qualities might be able to shift generalizing cultural norms…” He talked fellow art […]

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Activism Through Digital Art

I found the article by Omar Kholeif very interesting.  I did not know much about the art scene in the middle east but after reading this it seems like the artists there produce work that in a way is much more meaningful than our own culture because they are a critique of sociopolitical events as a […]

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The Social Impulse

  It is incredible how technology can be used as a force to break down hierarchal boundaries and used as protest and rebellion against the government in the Middle East. There has been a greater awareness for the growing rise of social networks. Artists have more agency and this allows for more change. Platforms for […]

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Media and Visual Arts Against Categorization

I found Omar Kholeif’s article, “The Social Impulse Politics, Media and Art After the Arab Uprisings” to be very influential for my understanding of visual arts and media within uprisings. Furthermore, Omar recognizes a key relationship between visual arts and media that can fundamentally break down hierarchal structures/boundaries. Omar states, “Socializing media works against forms […]

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Curatorial Orientalism in Post-Colonial Art from the Middle East

In this week’s readings there is an interview between the well known Egyptian film writer, critic and curator Omar Kholeif and a fellow media art curator/ journalist Sarah Rifky which discusses topics of media art engagement with ongoing socio-political movements in the middle east, and more specifically, with the Egyptian mass uprising which was part […]

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