Repetitive Art Reflects Repetitive Media

I decided to look at the VJ Um Amel “Gaza Audio-Visual Narrative by a Cyborg: Images by Hashtag,” piece for the blog post this week. At first, I looked at it and mostly thought that there was little to look at an analyze. I felt as if I got the idea to take the social media posts from the Gaza attack. However, it was once I clicked on the last soundcloud bite that my perspective changed, and for me the purpose of the piece became clear. The song Running by AZEDIA is a long slow build up of layered tones and samples of footsteps that has no major payoff. It simply repeats, and gets louder, slightly more complex and then suddenly just fades out. It is a lot like we treat social media, especially during points of conflict and unrest, or large events in the world. The posts are all very similar, as we can see on the posts collected. They slowly become more complex, some offering commentary other than just images. However, there is suddenly a stop. The pictures and problems surely still exist, but the repetitive media just moves on. The song and moment in time just fades away. This made me re-look at the way the mosaic works and how and why the posts were collected. Those kids will keep running, the ones on the beach, even after twitter turns away. This art helps them stay in view just a bit longer, and I think calls into question a large amount of why we use social media. I do think that it would be interesting to see more than an hour, or an hour of the same hashtags a few days later, or months, or years. If there was a noticeable difference, how perspectives may have changed. I think that would make an interesting perspective on the art about the media.


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