Terrorist Transgressions

The objective of terrorist transgression as stipulated by Sue and Gabriel (67) is to analyze the various myths that individuals have towards terrorists. Besides, there is the identification of the multiple ways in which agency contributes to representation in some techniques such as inversion and invocation of the stereotypical gender (Sue & Gabriel 68). Equally the article stipulates that there is a reduction in the attention that individuals have towards the cultural representation of terrorism. What interested me is what causes the declining reduction of the individuals. Furthermore, according to Sue and Gabriel (70), women have been active in terrorism since the late 19th century despite the fact that people attribute terrorism with muscles. Women have been responsible for deadly bombing where their bodies are in use as weapons.

What is more, Sue and Gabriel (75) article depict that there is a shift in the cultural representation analysis of the Red Army Faction, which has been in the dominance of many different literature with high variety. New York has already taken a step in the creation of examining the representation – the representation links between terrorism and gender. Moreover, New York has supported the act with some investigations in the current moment and from the archives. Other than shifting in the analysis of cultural representation, there has also been a shift in the military discourse on the aspects of terrorist insurgency with the aim of having a view of the enemy who is invisible (Sue & Gabriel 81). A contribution to such debates is achieved through having an understanding of the emerging work of the various colonial insurgencies. The article considers insurgence at a time of its operation where there is inequality in the distribution of power. The disparity is between the authority and the insurgent.


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