Agency is given to the representation of gender stereotypes, regarding the terrorist. I found it very informative that since the 1980s women had committed suicidal terrorist attacks, such as suicide bombing and using the body as a weapon. I agree that there has definitely been less attention to women, as terrorists are predominately associated with […]

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Art Work as a Movement for Change

Meeting Points is a project put on by the Young Arab Theater Fund. This organization supports visual artists with connections to the Arab World”. This project started from a “desire to exchange ideas around Arab visual culture at a time when mass communication and exchange were more limited”. The seventh edition of this project, titled […]

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Huda Shaarawi

Huda Shaarawi was an Egyptian pioneering feminist. She was born on June 23, 1879 and died December 12, 1947. She was also a nationalist and a founder of the Egyptian Feminist Union alongside many other organizations dedicated to women’s rights. She influenced not only women in Egypt, but also throughout the Arabic world. Huda Shaarawi […]

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The Social Impulse

  It is incredible how technology can be used as a force to break down hierarchal boundaries and used as protest and rebellion against the government in the Middle East. There has been a greater awareness for the growing rise of social networks. Artists have more agency and this allows for more change. Platforms for […]

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Twitter as a News Source

I first wanted to say how I really appreciate the way Lisa Hajjar writes and the structure of the articles. Her down to earth and right to the point tone makes her writing very efficient and also an enjoyable read. In her article “Tweeting from Guantanamo: Recording History 140 Characters at a Time” it is […]

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Culture as a form of Hybridization

I really enjoyed reading the Cultural Hybridity and International Communication chapter by Marwan Kraidy’s Hybridity: Or the Cultural Logic of Globalization. I find hybridity to be an interesting and universal topic, as well as controversial, in terms of meaning and also its uses. I believe hybridization is not only natural for cultures and linked to […]

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