Terrorism and Gender

In Sue Malvern’s and Gabriel Koureas’ piece on terrorism, and gendered representations of the terrorist, the way in which terrorists and the “orientalist other” are portrayed as hyper feminine, asexual or sexually perverted, and physically weak is discussed. The portion of the essay that was most illuminating in terms of my own Anglo-American perspective was […]

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Harem Years: Huda Sha’awari

  Huda Sha’arawi was an activist, a philanthropist, and above all, a feminist. She was someone who carried out radically feminist acts far before they were considered popular or even necessary. Her actions stand alone, but still she wrote a memoir of her life, detailing the events in her childhood and adulthood that would form […]

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Future Tripping and Fake News

Elizabeth Losh presented on three types of fake news, ranging from satirical analyses of real world events to incorporating false ideas into everyday life and general perceptions. The largest takeaway that I received from this event was that the way we consume information via media practices allows for the greater spread of untrue information or […]

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#Khadr: News by Twitter

This article by Lisa Hajjar explores the way in which Twitter allowed for real-time, instantaneous output and reception of important pieces of news surrounding the Guantanamo Bay trials against Omar Khadr. What is most insightful about this piece is how tweet after tweet is published so as to demonstrate the facts to the reader, just […]

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