Hyper-masculinity in Terrorism

In this week’s readings, the piece that I found most interesting was Terrorist Transgressions: Exploring the Gendered Representations of the Terrorist by Sue Malvern and Gabriel Koureas. While the piece explore the myths and images of the individual terrorist, the main objective was to differentiate between the image of gender identity in terrorist groups. Before I analyzed the […]

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Nawal El Saadawi

“I loved my mother more than my father. But he removed my mother’s name from next to mine, and wrote down his instead. I kept asking myself why he done that. When I asked him, he said, ‘It is God’s will,”—that was the earliest memory Egyptian novelist and feminist, Nawal El Saadawi had of gender […]

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Points of Curating the Revolution

Omar Kholief’s piece, Curating the Revolution: Meeting Points 7 looked into the Arab visual culture that is the Young Arab Theater Fund and the collective WHW where commissioned art was exhibited to promote cultural and political change. The writer begins the article with an interview with collective and begs the definition of territory. According to […]

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Thoughts On The Social Impulse

The Social Impulse by Omar Kholeif resonated with me in its message about the ways art can be used to response to political regime. In one of the early statements, the writer asserts that he would like to discuss how “technology’s socializing qualities might be able to shift generalizing cultural norms…” He talked fellow art […]

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Raining Documents by Lisa Hajjar

Lisa Hajjar’s piece, “It’s Raining Documents, Hallelujah!” left me with mixed emotions on the topic of torture in regards to terrorists. Learning that a man was stripped of his rights and treated the way was he was, just on the basis of his name being similar to a terrorist is upsetting. The fact that the […]

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Fractured Lands Response

First I have to mention that it took a while to read this piece, as it was very long and multi-dimensional. The writer, Scott Anderson went into history of the modern state of political crisis of the Arab world since 2003 because of United States invasion of Iraq. The six individuals whom Anderson shadowed opened […]

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