Terrorism and Masculinity

The reading Terrorist Transgressions: Exploring the Gendered Representations of the Terrorist, by Sue Malvern and Gabriel Koureas was interesting in that it made me question the notion of masculinity.  I find it weird that terrorism is seen as an act of hypermasculinity.  Men and masculinity are aften associated with violence.  I am not sure if it […]

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Curating the Revolution

This weeks reading “Curating the Revolution:Meeting Points 7 WHW in conversation with Omar Kholeif” was interesting to say the least.  The Young Arab Theater Fund seems like a fantastic organization by providing a space for young artists related to the Arab world to showcase their work.  Especially in this day in age with all of […]

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Activism Through Digital Art

I found the article by Omar Kholeif very interesting.  I did not know much about the art scene in the middle east but after reading this it seems like the artists there produce work that in a way is much more meaningful than our own culture because they are a critique of sociopolitical events as a […]

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Fake News

The event at wireframe was both entertaining and informative.  It got me thinking about the whole fake news trend that plagues the internet.  In my opinion I feel that fake news effects most people that are new to the internet and social media.  Now that platforms such as facebook have become extremely popular it attracts […]

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Tweeting Journalism

The article about tweet reporting for Guantanamo court cases caught my interest in this weeks reading.  I find it fascinating that a social media platform is now being used for journalistic purposes.  A media space that is normally used to follow celebrities and close friends is now being used to spread truth and avoid international […]

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Hybrid Culture

I found the reading “Cultural Hybridity and International Communication” by Marwan Kraidy to be very interesting.  The concept of transnational media is interesting.  Every country has been independently developing their own culture and media.  Today do not only have to option to consume media from our home country but we are open to see the […]

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