Chic Point

I was particularly intrigued by artist Sharif Waked’s seven minute video piece titled “Chic Point: Fashion for Israeli Checkpoints” after learning more about Israeli checkpoints for Palestinians. By re-situating the degrading and extensive searches for potential explosives that Palestinians undergo as they move through the multiple checkpoints within Israel as an “occupied catwalk”, Waked is […]

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Future Tripping & Fake News

I found the Future Tripping event to be extremely interesting in regards to both Dr. Elizabeth Losh’s talk and Christine McPhee’s installation, SPILLBANK. Dr. Losh’s talk focused on the prevalence of fake news in today’s media and the public’s gradual acceptance of fake news as commonplace in 21st century media. While she categorized fake news […]

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Mayy Ziyādah

Mayy Ziyādah was born February 11th, 1886 to her Lebanese Maronite father, a teacher and journalist and her Palestinian Greek Orthodox mother in Nazareth, Palestine. Mayy Ziyādah grew up to become a prolific writer, essayist and poet as well as public speaker and critic emerging as a central part of the Nahda during the nineteenth […]

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140 Characters of Truth

I was particularly compelled by this week’s reading by Lisa Hajjar “Tweeting from Guantanamo Recording History 140 Characters at a Time” due to it’s revelations into the important connection between Twitter and Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay is reserved in the American thought bubble as an island of prisoners where little to no information is relayed […]

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Objectivity in Media

Scott Anderson’s piece in the New York Times “Fractured Lands” was particularly moving to me not only due to the dedication the magazine offered by devoting an entire issue to a singular piece, but also the combination of visual and print media to enhance the understanding of a land foreign to Americans but subject to […]

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