Defining Terrorist: Images of war and the mediated hero and villain

In “Terrorist transgressions: exploring the gendered representations of the terrorist,” Sue Malvern and Gabriel Koureas, try to analyze the myths inscribed in terrorist representations. First, the authors write about war imagery, but most importantly, the image of America in people’s minds as they continuously engage in Middle East invasions. As a response to the failure […]

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Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan was born on August 30, 1970. She was born in Kuwait to a Jordanian family of Palestinian origin. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Cairo in 1991. She begun her career at Citibank where she was introduced to Abdulla Bin Al-Hussein, the son […]

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Glitch as a Metaphor

In this week’s reading, Laura Marks writes an article titled, Arab Glitch, in which she describes the ways in which Arab artists use glitch as an artistic form. Usually a glitch occurs in a low quality video as a result of conversion and transfer of that video file. Marks explains how, “many artists in the Arab […]

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Art and the Revolution

In Omar Kholeif’s article,  “The Social Impulse: Politics, Media, and Art after the Arab Uprisings,” writes about the role of art and artists in critical situations such as the uprisings in the Middle East. Kholeif notes that despite the artists’ intentions, their work is often interpreted as a commentary on the revolutions and uprisings themselves. […]

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Future Tripping–Is it that serious?

For one of today’s “Future Tripping” Talks, Elizabeth Losh gave a talk called, “That was the News that Wasn’t: Fake News and the Culture of Simulation.” Throughout her talk, Losh gave various examples of news stories that were not only vastly circulated but that were often times cited in other publications as–the problem being that […]

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A battle for power and control

In, Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart, Scott Anderson writes a compelling piece on some of the causes that led to the upheaval in the Middle East such as the Iraq War and the rise of ISIS in recent years. First, I think the title itself is a little misleading. I think for […]

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