Terrorism and Mass Media

I found Sue Malvern’s article, “Terrorist Transgressions: Exploring the Gendered Representations of the Terrorist” extremely influential. The article enlightened me on the multiple explanations and analysis of the terrorist as well as the study of the circulation of the terrorist in mass media, literature, and visual culture. I found multiple points within the article that […]

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Umm Kulthum: The Voice of Egypt

Umm Kulthum is often considered the “Voice of Egypt.” In fact, she was perhaps the most famous 20th singer of the Arab world.  Kulthum was born on December 3, 1898, yet this date is unconfirmed due to unenforced birth registration in Egypt at that time. Her musical career found its start when she accompanied her […]

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Curating Revolutions

I found Omar Kholief’s interview with WHW ( What, How, and for Whom?) very informative, inspiring, and creative. One of the most interesting moments of the interview was when Omar asked about the shift of Meeting Points’ focus from the Arab World to a larger context. WHW responded by stating that territory is a mental […]

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Media and Visual Arts Against Categorization

I found Omar Kholeif’s article, “The Social Impulse Politics, Media and Art After the Arab Uprisings” to be very influential for my understanding of visual arts and media within uprisings. Furthermore, Omar recognizes a key relationship between visual arts and media that can fundamentally break down hierarchal structures/boundaries. Omar states, “Socializing media works against forms […]

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Media, Fake News, and Future Tripping

The “Future Tripping” event provided one of the most engaging, creative, and intellectual discourses concerning future sociopolitical, economic, and environment anxieties. This event reassured me that now, more so than ever, we should focus on understanding new media platforms and technologies. This is further established on Elizabeth Losh’s talk on this heightened era of “Fake […]

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Twitter and Real-Time Information

I found Lisa Hajjar’s article entitled, “Tweeting from Guantanamo: Recording History 140 Characters at a Time,” a particular interesting and prevalent examination of Twitter as a platform for recording real time events. From Hajjar’s article, we learn that the social media platform has established itself as an essential tool for journalists in bringing real time […]

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