Representations of Terrorists in Media

The article “Terrorist Transgressions: Exploring the Gendered Representations of the Terrorist” discusses the shift in modern warfare towards being “cultural.” The author argues that visual images, like photos of Saddam Hussein, were used to legitimize military intervention during the War on Terror and that this increased use of media was part of what made it […]

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Um Kalthoum

Um Kalthoum is a world renowned Egyptian singer, songwriter, and actress who was actively performed between the 1920 and 1970. She began singing at a young age with her father’s encouragement after he realized her talent. He taught her the Qur’an and some soureces say that she memorized the whole book. He had her perform […]

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Expanding the scope of Arab art

The interview with Omar Kholeif reminded me of his article about art and the Arab spring in which he discusses the certain restrictions and rules that many artists felt in making art related to the Arab spring. These pressures that artists felt would surely also apply to the exhibit discussed in this interview, as it […]

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Fake News- Do We Care?

I really appreciated the talk today on fake news, since it’s something I think everyone has experienced and can definitely relate to. I found it interesting that Elizabeth Losh categorized the types of fake news into three categories. Personally, I have the most experience with fake news 1.0, since I watch a lot of comedy […]

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Hybridity as it Applies to the Fractured Lands Piece

In reading the chapter Cultural Hybridity and International Communication, I was reminded of Eric London’s critique of The New York Times article “Fractured Lands.” As described in the book, hybridity involves the “fusion of two hitherto relatively distinct forms, styles, or identities, cross-cultural contact, which often occurs across national borders as well as across cultural […]

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